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// $Id: geo.h,v 1.5 2004/08/19 06:31:43 we7u Exp $

/* Copyright 2002 Daniel Egnor.  See LICENSE.geocoder file.
 * The geo_find() function is the query interface for turning addressees
 * into geographical locations using an 'address map' built from TIGER/Line
 * and FIPS-55 data by the geo-*-to-* programs. */


#include "io.h"

extern long destination_coord_lat;
extern long destination_coord_lon;
extern int mark_destination;
extern int show_destination_mark;

extern char geocoder_map_filename[400];

struct geo_corner {
      int address;
      double latitude,longitude;

/* Decoded address location. */
struct geo_location {
      /* "Before" and "after" are the previous and next "control point"; 
         * these are the known locations, "at" is the interpolated point
       * corresponding to the supplied address. */
      struct geo_corner before,after,at;
      int zip_code; /* 0 if none found in address */
      char side;    /* 'L' or 'R' */
        char street_name[41],city_name[41],state_name[41];
                      /* Empty if none found in address */

/* Arguments: m = Address map file to use
 *            a = Address string to parse
 *            len = Length of address string (in characters)
 *            out = Address of location to output
 * Returns: Nonzero iff an address was recognized and decoded. */
int geo_find(struct io_file *m,const char *a,int len,struct geo_location *out);


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