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 * $Id: interface.h,v 1.28 2004/03/09 06:32:03 we7u Exp $
 * XASTIR, Amateur Station Tracking and Information Reporting
 * Copyright (C) 1999,2000  Frank Giannandrea
 * Copyright (C) 2000-2004  The Xastir Group
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.
 * Look at the README for more information on the program.


#include <termios.h>
#include <pthread.h>
#include "util.h"
#include "xastir.h"

#define MAX_DEVICE_NAME 128
#define MAX_DEVICE_BUFFER 4096



#define DEFAULT_GPS_RETR 0x05 /* CTRL-E */

// Define a 60 second max wait on a serial port (in microseconds)
#define SERIAL_MAX_WAIT 60000000

// KISS Protocol Special Characters & Commands:
#define KISS_FEND           0xc0  // Frame End
#define KISS_FESC           0xdb  // Frame Escape
#define KISS_TFEND          0xdc  // Transposed Frame End
#define KISS_TFESC          0xdd  // Transposed Frame Escape
#define KISS_DATA           0x00
#define KISS_TXDELAY        0x01
#define KISS_PERSISTENCE    0x02
#define KISS_SLOTTIME       0x03
#define KISS_TXTAIL         0x04
#define KISS_FULLDUPLEX     0x05
#define KISS_SETHARDWARE    0x06
#define KISS_RETURN         0xff


/* Define Device Types */
enum Device_Types {
    DEVICE_SERIAL_TNC_AUX_GPS,  // KB6MER -> KAM XL or other TNC w/GPS on AUX port
    DEVICE_SERIAL_KISS_TNC,     // KISS TNC on serial port (not ax.25 kernel device)
    DEVICE_SERIAL_MKISS_TNC     // Multi-port KISS TNC, like the Kantronics KAM

enum Device_Active {

enum Device_Status {

typedef struct {
    int    device_type;                           /* device type                             */
    int    active;                                /* channel in use                          */
    int    status;                                /* current status (up or down)             */
    char   device_name[MAX_DEVICE_NAME+1];        /* device name                             */
    char   device_host_name[MAX_DEVICE_HOSTNM+1]; /* device host name for network            */
    unsigned long int address;                    /* socket address for network              */
    int    thread_status;                         /* thread status for connect thread        */
    int    connect_status;                        /* connect status for connect thread       */
    int    decode_errors;                         /* decode error count, used for data type  */
    int    data_type;                             /* 0=normal 1=wx_binary                    */
    int    socket_port;                           /* socket port# for network                */
    char   device_host_pswd[MAX_DEVICE_HOSTPW+1]; /* host password                           */
    int    channel;                               /* for serial and net ports                */
    int    channel2;                              /* for AX25 ports                          */
    char   ui_call[30];                           /* current call for this port              */
    struct termios t,t_old;                       /* terminal struct for serial port         */
    int    dtr;                                   /* dtr signal for HSP cable (status)       */
    int    sp;                                    /* serial port speed                       */
    int    style;                                 /* serial port style                       */
    int    scan;                                  /* data read available                     */
    int    errors;                                /* errors for this port                    */
    int    reconnect;                             /* reconnect on net failure                */
    int    reconnects;                            /* total number of reconnects by this port */
    unsigned long   bytes_input;                  /* total bytes read by this port           */
    unsigned long   bytes_output;                 /* total bytes written by this port        */
    unsigned long   bytes_input_last;             /* total bytes read last check             */
    unsigned long   bytes_output_last;            /* total bytes read last check             */
    int    port_activity;                         /* 0 if no activity between checks         */
    pthread_t read_thread;                        /* read thread                             */
    int    read_in_pos;                           /* current read buffer input pos           */
    int    read_out_pos;                          /* current read buffer output pos          */
    char   device_read_buffer[MAX_DEVICE_BUFFER]; /* read buffer for this port               */
    xastir_mutex read_lock;                       /* Lock for reading the port data          */
    pthread_t write_thread;                       /* write thread                            */
    int    write_in_pos;                          /* current write buffer input pos          */
    int    write_out_pos;                         /* current write buffer output pos         */
    xastir_mutex write_lock;                      /* Lock for writing the port data          */
    char   device_write_buffer[MAX_DEVICE_BUFFER];/* write buffer for this port              */
} iface;

typedef struct {
    char device_name[100];
} iodevices;

typedef struct {
    int    device_type;                           /* device type                             */
    char   device_name[MAX_DEVICE_NAME+1];        /* device name                             */
    char   radio_port[3];                         /* port for multi-port TNC's               */
    char   device_host_name[MAX_DEVICE_HOSTNM+1]; /* device host name for network            */
    char   device_host_pswd[MAX_DEVICE_HOSTPW+1]; /* host password also WX device data type  */
    char   device_host_filter_string[201];        /* host filter string                      */
    char   comment[50];                           /* Local comment or name for port          */
    char   unproto1[50];                          /* unproto path 1 for this port            */
    char   unproto2[50];                          /* unproto path 2 for this port            */
    char   unproto3[50];                          /* unproto path 3 for this port            */
    char   unproto_igate[50];                     /* unproto igate path for this port        */
    int    unprotonum;                            /* unproto path selection                  */
    char   tnc_up_file[100];                      /* file for setting up TNC on this port    */
    char   tnc_down_file[100];                    /* file for shutting down TNC on this port */
    int    sp;                                    /* serial port speed/Net port              */
    int    style;                                 /* serial port style                       */
    int    igate_options;                         /* Igate options (0=none,1=input,2=in/out) */
    int    transmit_data;                         /* Data transmit out of this port          */
    int    reconnect;                             /* reconnect on net failure                */
    int    connect_on_startup;                    /* connect to this device on startup       */
    int    gps_retrieve;                          /* Character to cause SERIAL_TNC_AUX_GPS to spit out current GPS data */
    int    set_time;                              /* Set System Time from GPS on this port   */
    char   txdelay[4];                            /* KISS parameter */
    char   persistence[4];                        /* KISS parameter */
    char   slottime[4];                           /* KISS parameter */
    char   txtail[4];                             /* KISS parameter */
    int    fullduplex;                            /* KISS parameter */
    int    relay_digipeat;                        /* If 1: interface should RELAY digipeat */
} ioparam;

extern iodevices dtype[];

extern xastir_mutex port_data_lock; // Protects the port_data[] array of structs
extern xastir_mutex devices_lock;    // Protects the devices[] array

extern iface port_data[];
extern int port_id[];
extern int get_device_status(int port);
extern int del_device(int port);
extern int get_open_device(void);
extern int add_device(int port_avail,int dev_type,
               char *dev_nm,
               char *passwd,
               int dev_sck_p, int dev_sp,
               int dev_sty,
               int reconnect,
               char *filter_string);

extern xastir_mutex data_lock;          // Protects global data, data_port, data_avail variables
extern xastir_mutex output_data_lock;   // Protects interface.c:channel_data() function only
extern xastir_mutex connect_lock;       // Protects port_data[].thread_status and port_data[].connect_status

extern ioparam devices[];

typedef unsigned int socklen_t;

/* from interface_gui.c */
extern void interface_gui_init(void);
extern void Configure_interface_destroy_shell(Widget widget, XtPointer clientData, XtPointer callData);
extern void Configure_interface(Widget w, XtPointer clientData, XtPointer callData);
extern void output_my_aprs_data(void);
extern int data_port;
extern int data_avail;
extern void control_interface(Widget w, XtPointer clientData, XtPointer callData);
extern void dtr_all_set(int dtr);
extern void interface_status(Widget w);
extern int WX_rain_gauge_type;

/* interface.c */
extern void send_agwpe_packet(int xastir_interface, int RadioPort, unsigned char type, unsigned char *FromCall, unsigned char *ToCall, unsigned char *Path, unsigned char *Data, int length);

extern unsigned char *incoming_data;
extern int incoming_data_length;
extern unsigned char incoming_data_copy[MAX_LINE_SIZE];
extern void startup_all_or_defined_port(int port);
extern void shutdown_all_active_or_defined_port(int port);
extern void check_ports(void);
extern void clear_all_port_data(void);
extern char aprs_station_message_type;
extern void port_dtr(int port, int dtr);
extern void send_kiss_config(int port, int device, int command, int value);
void port_write_string(int port, char *data);
extern void init_device_names(void);
extern void output_my_data(char *message, int port, int type, int loopback_only, int use_igate_path, char *path);
int tnc_get_data_type(char *buf, int port);
void tnc_data_clean(char *buf);
extern void output_waypoint_data(char *message);
extern void send_ax25_frame(int port, char *source, char *destination, char *path, char *data);

extern pid_t getpgid(pid_t pid);


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